iTunes GameCenter Review

Posted by Byrdie On Tuesday, October 5, 2010 1 comments

Itunes's GameCenter is a good idea executed poorly. GameCenter is basically Xbox Live for the iTouch/iPhone. You have a username, freinds, games and achievements all controlled from a central hub. This is controlled by Apple. Think of it as an Apple sanctioned Open Feint. The games on it, although limited, are great ranging from favorites Angry Birds and Tetris to newcomers like Plunderland and UFO on Tape.

Now there are a lot of bad things about GameCenter. It activates very weirdly as it only activates when you start a game and it only does that periodically. Achievements are not officially sanctioned by Apple so games achievement number, achievement points and value vary wildly from game to game making it very annoying to keep track of achievements. Also for all you iTouch owners GameCenter only works with an internet connection so unless you're at home you'll probably lose achievements if you decide to game outside the house.

Despite the difficulties, GameCenter is a great concept that if fixed could bloom into a great gaming interface for all Apple mobile devices.

Written by Matthew Byrd: Gamertag: ColonelByrd95


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